I keep seeing ads on the sides of busses with the faces of beloved South Park characters and the members of Family Guy with JOETV next to it. The launch date was 9.13.10. That's today. So, I go to check and see what's going on. I mean, we're talking about some of my favorite television shows here and if a television station is dedicated to them... well that is one amazing brain storming session. 
Turns out "Joe's Wall" is a Seattle based blog (cool) where Joe (I'm assuming) comments on the daily goings-on of technology, celebs, etc. The usual "for dudes only" kind of blog. The blog sits as the hub for the television station... only I can't figure out what channel it's on. Is it cable? Is it public access? 

I'm on the hunt.
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These images are remarkable. While it looks like the images were taken sometimes in this century, they were actually taken 100 years ago. These are only a few, check out: to see more!

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  August 26th - 29th 

Gap is dedicated to its Give and Get program, a way for retail and philanthropy to come together to support charities. I work at Gap so I have a nice tidy coupon book with coupons for 30% off your purchase at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and the Gap Outlet. You can also use it online (I suggest Piperlime because it has a huge range of great shoes and it's FREE SHIPPING). 5% of all purchases made with my coupons will go to Feeding America. I tried putting the video in, but what can ya do? 

I'll be around Social Strata this week and next with my coupons. I can also send 50 email invites (double from last year) so let me know if you'd like one!
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Finally, I can blog about something that I'm starting to become a mini expert on. Not only do I search for customer service in the news for the lovely QuestionShark, but I experience it daily as I walk through the door to my other two jobs. That's right, I have two jobs, and internship, and I can still slap a smile on my face and give confident eye contact to a customer in need. 

Here's the thing: I'm starting to get rather annoyed at customers who complain about the service in a store. I'd like to think that one of my personal traits is that I DO want to help a customer and I love engaging with people. However, I don't want to help someone who is crabby, pissed off that something happened with their child when picking them up blah blah blah, or is running late. Even if I am all these things (child aside), I still crack a joke or two to liven my mood because YOU SHOULDN'T ACT LIKE THAT IN PUBLIC TO STRANGERS. Just because I bring you a pair of pants in the size you want does not mean I am your slave.

To the woman who was shopping with her pregnant friend, I am sorry that all the fitting rooms were filled except the children's, and unfortunately, those are set aside for CHILDREN who are tiny enough to fit inside them and not have everything hanging out. I'm not happy that you threw your items on the ground, on second thought maybe you did deserve the children's fitting room. Your friend is pregnant, I gave her amazing service, and you flip out because you have to wait, maybe 5 minutes. If you have to run to your child's recital or pick up Billy from baseball camp, then maybe you shouldn't be shopping on a very busy Saturday while a huge 40% sale is occurring. 

Personally I haven't received poor customer service, and I believe it is because I come in with a good attitude. I don't expect to be served tea and crumpets whenever I step into a RadioShack, but I appreciate them when served at a hair salon. 
The key to receiving AMAZING, FABULOUS, and all together happy dance worthy service, is to begin with yourself. If you come in with a smile, you know you'll be walking out with one.
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In a world of quick quips and 60 characters or less, I'm having a much more difficult time writing blogs. And that's really, really sad.
There are only a few different kinds of weather that we see up here in Seattle. However, they so closely resemble our complicated lives, it's almost scary.

1. Sunny. Hot. Too hot? Last summer we experienced the hottest day of the year, if not record breaking. As I poured lake water over my legs to counteract my almost heat stroke, I realized that Seattle isn't the completely disgusting raincloud people make it out to be. I wouldn't be cupping dirty lake water onto my legs if it was that's for sure. Sun is one of the rarest things we have in Seattle (before being the Huskies at UW, we were actually the Sun Chasers) and when we have it, we desperately want to hold on to it. However, like all good things, this too shall pass. And when it goes away and brings back the rain and gloom like a huge blanket over Seattle, we'll piss and moan and wait patiently for those summer days to come along.

2. Mild. Up here we call completely cloudy or even partly cloudy with some sun peaking through as MILD. However, what does that even mean? Decisions on what to wear have to be painstakingly dealt with because one step out the door you could be greeted with a blast of cold wind, or a humid and stuffy lingering air bubble that just won't seem to go away.
Even our relationships can be defined by Seattle's mild weather. It's not going fantastic, but it's not too bad either. This could be a stalemate in the relationship or it could be the everyday routine we find ourselves in. In the end though, we thrown on a pair of jeans and a sweater over a shirt. Men, women, it doesn't make much of a difference. But we'll wear flip flops just in case.

3. Rainy. Rainy with sun. No matter. The rain sucks (unless we had some horrible drought) and it sucks even more when the sun is shining through the rain drops. Clothing choices are skewed. Don't forget to pack your umbrella that you'll have to use over your sundress!
When we think that we can trust someone, but they disappoint us, or confuse us, or both, it's like the rain coming down on a sunny day. We trust in the sunny day, and all of a sudden, without warning - it starts to sprinkle, ruining our perfectly good day.

The only good thing though, is that this is the best way to see a rainbow.
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One thing I have taken away from this experience (that being life in college, my last 17 years of formal education, the one thing I really new in life) is to see all moments in a positive light. Often I preach to friends that positivity and optimism is the key to life. I list one of my personal traits as enthusiastic and optimistic; I look on the sunny side of life, I have a happy demeanor etc. However, I struggled with that positivity when I saw the good runs in my life end. I called those runs "mistakes" because it made me feel better and less of a failure than I believed myself to be. I let my anger at the situation get the best of me. I blamed the other person, myself, God... I saw it in a purely negative light. 
But I want to apologize, perhaps to the other person, for only seeing it that way. I never stopped to think, 'maybe I should cherish the time we had together' instead of 'I'm bitter that we're letting it go'.  
That bitterness ate at my happiness, and now with the summer ahead of me I'm going to start looking towards the sun, smelling the flowers, and taking all the "mistakes" I've made or felt that I've made and seeing the good that they carried. Perhaps a lesson learned, perhaps a new sense of wonderment. Whatever the case, there's no better time than the present.
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Every time I look, life never ceases to amaze me. When I find that I've found myself with the worst pair in my hand I turn them over and realize I was actually holding a royal flush.
But then I look again,  and HA! was I kidding myself? 
Why is it that good and bad HAVE to go hand in hand? Can't it just be good all the time? Why do I have to meet a fabulous someone two weeks before they fly across the world for summer? Why can't you just meet someone and they stay put.
I guess it won't be like that till I'm married...?
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I'm watching Pretty in Pink right now, and I wish they made more movies like this.
Learn to love yourself and you'll make it in life. 
And who wouldn't want Duckie as their best friend? No one is pretentiously nerdy or unpopular in this movie. They just are. They accept it, move on, and get a kiss at the end. 
Be in charge of your own celebrations in life.
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I think I miss the hills the most. 

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Something I've learned in my crisis communications class is this: PRODROME.
A prodrome is a warning that people, companies, celebrities, and oil rigs need to heed. BP was one of those companies that didn't take heed.

They insisted that "it was unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities." Well someone should have hired a crisis management team to build a plan, because companies need to plan for even the most unimaginable crisis. How can billion dollar companies be so careless like this? No, I'm not a top executive, nor a paid oil rig worker, but even I know that when you are carrying a substance that could potentially damage sea life or destroy the environment you should have a plan to make sure that A. an accident doesn't happen or B. the company knows how to deal with the disaster in due form and time.
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